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Just Watch Me (Phil Chills 12 Mix)


You might know me as the Top15s narrator, the Chills narrator, Dylan or just the guy with a monotone voice. My top creepy countdown videos always give an in-. Ant: It was really a sort of two string thing that Tony got in on very early, and it wasn’t right to say that [Mike and I] sort of did the chordal basis and Tony just put solos on top. It was more than that. I think his sort of cross rhythms and cross harmonies influenced the way that the string harmony went. Absolutely brilliant song, a classic song that gets me in the mood for music:) phil collins with phillip bailey (is that his name) was some combo! Songs like this are a dime a dozen. A timeless classic. Thanks Phil. Heard this for the first time at work today and I was like wow! This is great song! I'm 16 as well! Top quality. BEST Phil.

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April 2, at pm. Dave Coppedge says:. The idea was that there be many people on the recording, all doing their own thing in this primitive, unrehearsed, primate 'beat of the earth' type sound. Same thing with BOTE - no official reissue exists, so you need to either hear the sub-mediocre bootleg of it, seek out a pricey original, or get a hold of a decent rip of an original. I'm happy to pass along a primo quality rip of an original pressing of " Our Standard Three Minute Tune ," that was ripped on the record's virgin playing, you won't hear this sound any better than this quality digital download credit ThePoodleBites - Beat of The Earth - Our Standard Three Minute Tune.

Last, but most certainly not least in the underground psych gem rabbit hole of Phil Pearlman is Electronic Hole from This one I prefer over Beat of The Earth as the songs are just a hair more structured yet still very free-form and flowing. Essential underground psych classic! Again, as with all the great psych nugs in Phil Pearlman's archives, no official reissue exists and you'll either need to fork out a mortgage payment for a decent original or be lucky enough to have friends with vinyl, good equipment, and ripping capability to be able to hear the album without the compression and sub-mediocre sound quality that the bootlegs offer.

I received my copy of What Does Regret Mean? James' book also contains some mind-blowing photographs and an extensive discog section in the back of the book. Be sure to check out Nostalgia - Paranormal Activity (2) - Mind Brothers (CDr, Album) newly surfaced vintage BHS footage.

The other footage I must mentioned has been the stuff of legend for many years, the " Ritz house-cam " videos, shows from The Ritz in NYCrecorded on the clubs cams with audio feed straight from the board. FINALLY a 9 minute piece of footage surfaced from these tapes and the footage is just a mouth-watering I Am The Virus - Killing Joke - The Great Gathering (CDr) you may have imagined when reading about these tapes.

It's quite the tease though, we can only hope that one day the dorky hoarders will release the tapes from their greedy lame hands so that these legendary shows can be enjoyed before we all croak. Both shows are beautiful documents of this already legendary Chrome tour that featured Helios at the absolute TOP of his game. The other is March 27, in Rock Island, IL - another excellent balcony shot, great stage lighting and plenty of close-ups.

Be sure to grab these two excellent must-have live documents of Chrome in HD video! The reviews section here will be broken down into 2 sections; the first section "Heady Audiophile Psych Upgrades" contain links to excellent upgrades that were obtained of these albums, below that will be some new reviews to close out this blog post.

Mono really makes this record shine and rock HARD on a lot of these tracks, this mono mix is essential in addition to the stereo mix. The bootleg versions on Radioactive sound like muffled garbage and can be used as Frisbees once you hear the 1st and only official reissue from sourced from the master tapes.

This compiled version consists of five songs that are considered "Arthur's unadulterated" mixesthese are untfutzed-with mixes that are Arthur Lee's original vision of Four Sail, and they are much clearer than the Elektra album version that you're used to, these original mixes were only ever included on the "Love Story" compilation fromwith the exception of "Singing Cowboy," in which Arthur's original mix was included in the bonus tracks of the reissue cd with slightly better sound quality than the one off of the Love Story comp from '95 so the '02 bonus track version was included here.

The remaining four tracks on this compiled version are from an original Monarch pressing from A lot of digital editing was done for the reissue and there's noticeable distortions throughout. You may have thought as have I that Sonata In A Major, L.

483 - Andres Segovia* - Segovia On Stage (Vinyl, LP) cd version all sourced from vinyl rips wasn't that bad, well wait until you're blown away by the rip of this German reissue!

Soul " and the breathtakingly beautiful " Bluebird. Soul " can be a real mind-fuck of a song, I had some great experiences with this one, Neil sings it with moody attitude too which works really well with this song, and that brain-massaging fuzz in the middle of the song is just killer and you get doused with it quite heavily. Then a full on banjo riff comes in toward the end to top things off when you least expect it!

Mono is my preferred way to hear this and a pristine vinyl rip of an original U. The music itself features one of the earliest uses of the Moog synthesizer early version of Moog called Mini Moogand man do they use it to great effect on this!

No good cd release exists, the only decent reissue was on Guerssen Records on vinyl only, but once you hear an original U. Due to my love for Agemo's, I kind of neglected their next record " Paradise Now ," big mistake! This is one hell of a psych mind-blower from Loads of very heady dark-psych brilliance with tons of acid-fried guitar excursions throughout. Certainly not for those who think psychedelic music is all just bell-bottoms, peace signs and phony attitudes, this will leave those types running back to the mall.

The guitar is the best part of this, I mean just listen to " Hunger " with those delicious acidic leads laden with feedback and sustained notes, then all of a sudden at the same time this wah-infused guitar emerges from the right channel DAMN, this is good stuff. I find myself listening to this these days more than Agemo's.

This acid-guitar mindfuck ends perfectly with " Purple Sky ," a 10 minute psych monster with explosions of dual acid guitars that will blow away even the most jaded head around!

Howard Birthday Partybut really this album is special and defies the usual "goth" and "post-punk" definitions if we really want to be honest with ourselves.

Lydia explained about the record that they "wanted to do something very swamp-rock, very ethereal. There's something both dark and magical about this record, and at many times so very sexy. It's my favorite album of all Lydia Lunch's work. Listening to this it makes me think it could have easily been a good soundtrack to the film " Angel Heart " which was filmed in New Orleans and included all sorts of voodoo Just Watch Me (Phil Chills 12 Mix) references to the occult.

Marcus - From The House of Trax The late Patrick Lundborg Acid Archives brilliantly described this psych gem as " Hearing Just Watch Me (Phil Chills 12 Mix) on acid is like walking around inside a psychedelic cathedral Many times you'll see that some people are turned off by the " modern FM rock radio production " on this one, but honestly, the more I listen to this record the more I realize that this layered, high-end, multi-track production is absolutely PERFECT for the majesty of the glistening tripped-out sounds contained on this masterpiece.

Yes,you heard me right! This proved to heads that psychedelic music didn't die at the end of the 60's and that there were still those out there keeping the torch lit. During the utterly lame disco years there was still great music out there being made to be found if you dug around a bit. The album consists of some incredible heavenly swirling synth sounds and some impressive acid guitar work all with a clear psychedelic Love My Life - Demarco / Bounty Killer - Love My Life / Rodney Intention (Vinyl) throughout many of the songs such as " A Trip In Time ," and " Locked Inside A World.

TRUE originals of this are very hard to come by in nice condition, many copies are floating around out there claiming to be true originals, but a simple look at the images on this Discogs page outlines the clear and noticeable differences between an original and one of the "found" originals from the early 90's. Vliet's work. This was always said to have been inspired by delta blues, but that kind of oversimplifies it, it's so much more than that.

It's more of a psych-blues organism born out of the swamp somewhere in New Orleans in the summer heat and humidity. The raw guitar tone of Ry Cooder is one of the main ingredients of the stew here and it gives the album loads of balls, it takes the grit and delicious abrasiveness to the level that Vliet's howling, banshee vocals require. The psychedelic ballad " Autumn's Child " contains one of the most beautiful uses of the theremin that I have ever heard. The U. I've discovered so many great bands I hadn't heard before on top of gaining upgrades to my existing music archive.

Ahhhh it felt like an eternity waiting for the day to arrive! The idea of capturing it all on video entered my mind, but I just really wanted to bask in the glory of live CHROME and not have to worry about an electronic device the entire time and view it through a lens, BUT I knew I had to do something for the occasion to preserve some sort of document of an event of this magnitude.

So, I whipped out my old Sony Hi-MD recorder and decided to do the best I could to secure an audio document of the evening. Little did I know that my audio recording would be used for something even more special than I could have ever imagined, more on that later HELIOS CREED is a friend of mine, so I planned on getting there early to hang out as I don't see the man but once every few years at best with him being stationed out West, I also wanted to get in the ear of the club ahead of time about securing a good spot for my microphone to record the show, so emails were sent and I got hooked up with the sound guy scheduled for the show that night who told me to give him a holler when I arrived at the club.

It was a hot, steamy, humid day in the city of brotherly love and I arrived at the location even before the band, so I strolled down to a local trendy beer garden to fill my gut with some quick grub to be able to handle the partying for the night. My god these beer gardens, have you ever been in the presence of more trendy, pretentious little fucks in your entire life?? I got word from the band that they had arrived so I walked the block back to Kung Fu Necktie and was elated to see Helios and hang out with him and chat about various things; life, the tour, the band I had the great pleasure of meeting his son Eric, who couldn't possibly be a nicer dude.

We bonded a lot this night in Philly as well as the next night at the Baltimore show. I also located the soundman who advised me of a "sweet spot" right by the board, clipping my mic to the roof of the little enclosed area that housed the soundboard and sound guy. This inside scoop was helpful as he said that moving my mic a few feet or so from where it was could just put it in an area where my mic would have been flooded with a bit too much bass which would have really muddied-up the live recording.

The band set up their stuff and then headed to the stage to begin soundcheck, I'd get a nice little sneak peak of what I'd be in for come show time later on. Upon the first strum of Helios' guitar, I immediately recognized his signature TONE and that mind-massing acid-fuzz guitar in a manner in which only HE could be the captain manning the ship and setting the controls for the sun.

I surprisingly recognized the beginning riff of " Anorexic Sacrifice ," a CHROME song I'd never heard in a live setting before, and holy fuck did that song absolutely shred live! Ahhh, you mean I get to hear this song again later tonight?? The remainder of the evening prior to CHROME hitting the stage was spent hanging out with Helios and the band partying as well as catching up with old friends.

Helios' son Eric was Dj'ing and providing some nicely warped sounds to groove to as the band was set to hit the stage. I had a sweet spot right by the board and my recording device, Helios was behind me back in the sound-booth watching his son Eric work the turntables a bit while his band was getting geared up on stage. I shone the flash-light from my cell phone onto my audio recorder so that I was sure the recording was started and I wouldn't miss any of what was about to take place, I even had a backup battery screwed on to the device in case the battery ran out mid-show.

Like I said, there was a tour 10 years ago, but it seemed as if this was THE show, and the true fans really came out and showed their support and love for the band. With the rest of the band already on stage for several minutes, Helios walked on and the crowd just roared! You really felt like you were part of something special being there. Helios acknowledged the crowd with a head nod and a couple of fist pumps in the air before lifting his guitar over his head strapping it on.

They began with that drum beat at the beginning of " New Age " from the Red Exposure album, Helios began turning the knobs warping his vocals for what was easily the Its All Gone Sideways - Various - Ultra Mix Drum & Bass (CD) version of the song I've ever heard.

The entire set was about an hour and a half with all the Chrome favorites being blasted upon us on this steamy humid May day in Philly. I must point out one of the highlights of the evening was the version of " Armageddon " that was performed, WOW!! I'd heard the song on the album and really dug it, but you can feel the true power and dimension of this song performed lived.

I could go on and on about the show, but I will just say that it was magical! I've seen Helios perform about times, but this show blew all those shows away. To wrap this up, it turns out this show is not just left to my memory banks, nope - all data is not lost!

My audio recording came out pretty danged sweet I must say, I even had a friend think that it was a hot board recording upon first God Had A Plan - Tanglefoot - Agnes On The Cowcatcher (CD, Album). This same friend video-taped the entire show, however, there was a guy there who was also recording on a much better video camera.

The guy with the higher quality camera did have a battery malfunction about an hour and 15 minutes into the show. I had no way to contact this guy, but I knew his channel on youtube and that he filmed many shows in the Philadelphia area. By some bizarre sheer stroke of luck maybe fate? He was super cool and uploaded his RAW video of the show for me to snag. I happen to know someone who does video editing for a living and they put it all together beautifully; 1st hour and 15 minutes is the higher quality footage, the last 15 minutes recorded by my friend was perfectly spliced in to continue for the remaining 15 minutes of the show, and my audio recording is perfectly synced in with the entire video.

I'm really proud of how this all came out and that I'm able to make Just Watch Me (Phil Chills 12 Mix) available here, so click on the link to grab the Chrome - Philadelphia video for sure! Full audio recording with cd art available here as well - Chrome Philadelphia audio. Nirvana was the last great REAL rock band to break through to the mainstream, I don't think that's debatable.

Has there really been a good rock music band that broke through to the mainstream since Nirvana? I haven't seen it. And have you seen the boring dad-rock of today? It's fucking embarrassing. It sounds so wimpy, radio-friendly, snooze-o-ramas Hell, the guitar tones even sound super generic. I like my guitar a bit more trashy and rough 'round the edges. Kurt Cobain didn't Ritmo Loco - Sonora Dinamita* - Ritmo (Vinyl, LP, Album) a fuck about any fads or trends, in fact he despised them and people who followed them in any fashion whatsoever.

I got started on the classic rock stuff like Black SabbathPink FloydLed Zeppelin and the like, thanks to my Dad's record collection, and I'm very grateful for that. Kurt gave notice to underground artists and often fanzines which led me to discover bands that I absolutely love today like the Butthole Surfers. Yeah, she's got colors in her hair, but no colors in her MIND. Marketing and branding has infected everything now. All to make a buck folks! They are essentially your template for what I'm talking about, a money-making brand is all it is.

I don't know I also love how Kurt wasn't afraid to speak out on social and political issues, calling out the Republican fascists and their nonsense without the fear that he may lose a few fans, THOSE fans who would leave due to that Kurt didn't want as his fans anyway!

He's made that clear many times through interviews and even the liner notes of his albums. None of the bands today are really speaking out in this current right-wing-wet-dream we are currently living in here in the States. Hell, Eagles of Death Metal even have a mustachioed right-wing douchebag in the band!

Kurt Cobain would have probably relentlessly mocked this little dork. Jesse Hughes, the Suicide Girl of the current "rock" music mainstream, but even lamer. And speaking out is what is needed now more than ever.

I'm not saying be a super politically-driven band, no one wants that, but don't be so scared that you might lose an audience member or two if you speak out against this current trend of right-wing fascism we're heading toward thanks to dumbed-down Americans, strung out on boring radio-friendly Dad rock and the like!

We're also now stuck in this perpetual Jerry Springer episode gone real-life where everyone has to constantly claim how "real" they are, while anyone who would claim that out loud is always the douchiest motherfucker ever, that's a safe bet.

But I digress With the internet, there's ZERO excuse to be at the mercy of the corporate-controlled airwaves, you can more easily access any of the music that's been recorded throughout time now more than any other point in history. I guess it's just hard for kids these days because their first exposure is a radio sound and such controlled industry that it spreads its evil, soul-less influence very early on in developing minds, sometimes before they can be saved by actual music with people who can rock the fuck out, have soul, can play musical instruments and aren't driven by sales or product.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of really cool kids now who think for themselves and have good, independent from corporate-interest music tastes. Nirvana played a pivotal role in my musical evolution, and I'll be forever grateful for that, and I'll always love Nirvana and continue to listen to that great band.

Ahhh, that felt good. Just had to get that out of my system! On to the recent musical discoveries I've stumbled upon lately. First though - you know how certain music resonates with you more during certain times of your life? Well, Jefferson Airplane has been hitting all the right spots for me lately. There must be something in the air, because I've spoken to others lately who have felt the same, but my love for Jefferson Airplane has been reignited full-force this past year.

Maybe it's the state of the country at this point or something I mean the band themselves were definitely revolutionaries in a sense, speaking out against the government and hypocrisy and such, and it was reflected in plenty of their music.

They criticized old social norms and conformity of all kinds. You could listen to their stuff and it's just as relative today with what's going on here in ol' 'Murica where the dumbest among us "lead. Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillowthis classic American psych The Sun (E Mix) - Ebop (2) - The Sun (Vinyl) finally gets the release it deserves.

First off, with this particular album, MONO is the way to go - an absolute no-brainer. The stereo mix is a bit too separated, and doesn't feel that intimate, the instruments seem so distant and echoey, too much reverb, it simply pales in comparison to the mono mix For the longest time, the only way to really hear this album in mono was to fork out a decent chunk of change for an original vinyl, significant sums of cash especially Through With Love - The Sharp Things - A Moveable Feast (CD, Album) you wanted it in good condition.

I don't have an original mono, but many have said this release is even better than originals. Luckily, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has come to the rescue here in putting this out in an affordable way!

Mandarin Monday – China Tightens, Snow Chills Markets It's going to be another light trading week. Europe is off % this morning (8am) as the Shanghai fell 2% and the Hang Seng dropped % on news that China was raising rates % for the second time in 2 months – weeks ahead of what most considered a fairly aggressive tightening. Phil’s Trail is a classic XC mountain biking trail created by Phil Meglasson and others long ago. The trail in recent years is downhill only from the three way intersection at Kent’s (#18) to Phil’s trail head. From Rd to the intersection with Kents, Phil’s trail is a 2-way trail which used to . This blog is an extension of the Psych Trail Mix fanzine that had a run of 10 printed issues from Winter through Spring The Psych Trail Mix archive of full, free PDF files of the printed zine will continue to be hosted at this quibloomtujingphiwi.pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.infoinfo copies remain of the last 3 issues (8, 9, 10), see the main PTM page to purchase copies.

You might know me as the Top15s narrator, the Chills narrator, Dylan or just the guy with a monotone voice. My top creepy countdown videos always give an in-.

Thursday, May 21, Celeb; Music. Jan 26,  · rizzx loves the chills! omg:) Submarine Bells is gorgeous (also because of its 'warm' production), at the time it totally blew me away. Apart from thrilling perfect pop/rock songs like Heavenly Pop Hit, The Oncoming Day and Familarity Breeds Contempt it's filled with yearning, melancholy and lost love: I SOAR, Don't Be - Memory, Part Past Part Fiction, Effloresce and Deliquesce, the title.

1. This is just some Monday afternoon fun, no permanent plans to keep this up. 2. If you hit this page right when the webcam updates, you might get a red x in place of the image. Just a wait a few seconds and refresh to get the image to show. Don't forget to send us your postcards Also time to plug the Channel 9 Postcard project.

Spongebob Squarepants 9/16/18 ~ Broadway *** NFT until 1/15/19 Ethan Slater, Danny Skinner, Gavin Lee, Christina Sajous, Brian Ray Norris, Wesley Taylor, Brandon Espinoza, Vasthy Mompoint, JC Schuster, Allan K. Washington, Catherine Ricafort, Gaelen Gilliland, Abby C. Smith, Allan K. Washington, JC Schuster, Jai' Len, Christine Li Josey, Kevlin Moon Loh, Kyle Matthew Hamilton. Dec 6, - Explore acredicott's board "Encouragements", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Words, Encouragement, Cool words pins.

With primary rough at two-and-a-half inches and greens running as fast as and-a-half feet, which is just a hair longer than usual for its May date, finding the shortest grass off the tee is a.


Ennio Morricone - Once Upon A Time In America - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Vinyl, LP), Bastard - Douglas Greed - Fake (File, MP3), Arche Type - Sky-Scraul-Space (Movies 1992-1995) (CD, Album), Wall.E - Sharam* - Get Wild (Unmixed Version) (File), Differica - Aun - Hikari (CD, Album), Sirma - Scarcubem - 4117; Präsenz (Vinyl, LP), Hair Removal System - Various - Manhattan On The Rocks (Cassette), Macumba - Titanic (3) - Macumba (Vinyl), Oh Daddy - Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Cant Function - Steely Dan - You Go Where I Go (Vinyl, LP), Una Galaxia Nos Espera, Fred Åkerström - Mera Ruben Nilson (Vinyl, LP, Album) Chunk-A-Nova (Original) - Various - Taxi Cab (Remixes) (Vinyl)

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  • Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share some of their favorite tracks about historical figures, events and places. Plus, a conversation with Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino about sobriety and how it has .
  • This blog is an extension of the Psych Trail Mix fanzine that had a run of 10 printed issues from Winter through Spring The Psych Trail Mix archive of full, free PDF files of the printed zine will continue to be hosted at this quibloomtujingphiwi.pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.infoinfo copies remain of the last 3 issues (8, 9, 10), see the main PTM page to purchase copies.
  • US Dept of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service Kansas City/Pleasant Hill, MO North 7 Highway Pleasant Hill, MO
  • Just watch it! Bo Diddley is Crazy and for free? Me and Phil were quite happy for the babe in the cut-off shorts and cowboy boots to carry on wiggling but the hairy hippy could have sat down as he offered nothing except a denim wall of obstruction. What about the show though, any good? Well yes, it was excellent actually. Love Me.
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  • Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on quibloomtujingphiwi.pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.infoinfo
  • American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars has released one concert video and appeared in various music videos, films, television shows, and two television commercials. After guest appearing in music videos, including "Long Distance" by Brandy and "Wavin' Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix)" by K'naan, between and , he was first featured on the chorus and videos for B.o.B.'s "Nothin' on You.
  • Mandarin Monday – China Tightens, Snow Chills Markets It's going to be another light trading week. Europe is off % this morning (8am) as the Shanghai fell 2% and the Hang Seng dropped % on news that China was raising rates % for the second time in 2 months – weeks ahead of what most considered a fairly aggressive tightening.

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