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Late Repeat - Charlottefield - What Are Friends For (Vinyl, LP, Album)


Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for What Are Friends For - Charlottefield on AllMusic - What Are Friends For, an album by Charlottefield on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Nov 06,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Friends on Discogs. Label: Koinonia Records - KR • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Folk Rock, Country Rock/5(4).

Yeah, we know, sounds crazy. As far as solutions go, there is nothing simpler or cheaper than turning on the faucet and giving your records a rinse. Dearly Beloved - Wes Montgomery - This Is Wes Montgomery (Vinyl, LP, Album) method was very quick.

However, as you might expect, water by itself was not effective at removing the tougher stains on this record. Though I will say that I was surprised — it did remove some of the lighter marks after some pressure was applied with a microfiber cloth, ultimately leaving the record looking somewhat better than it had before.

That being said, I would never recommend this method. If you are going to take the time to clean the records, you might as well do it better than this. Step up your cleaning with a better solution. This combination of fluids is widely recommended as an efficient mixture to clean records using what are household, or at least easy-to-find, materials.

The three ingredients were easy to measure and easy to mix. To apply, we ordered a cheap spray bottle online.

Once we sprayed the solution onto the vinyl, we applied light pressure, in a circular motion, to a microfiber cloth to work on the stains. The record needed a good rinse after application as there was a shiny film left on the vinyl surface. We found that the solution did remove quite a lot of grime, as evidenced by the before and after. However, it was Jade Wells (2) - Staring At The Sun (Vinyl) great at removing some of the tougher spots of the exceptionally dirty Live Neil Diamond record we used.

Not shown in the pictures are the copious amounts of time and elbow grease required. We re-cleaned this record with Viimeinen Mahdollisuus - Seidat - Seidat (Vinyl, LP, Album) solutions later and easily removed more grime.

Coming out of left-field is the recommendation of wood glue. I thought this was a kind of sick joke that persisted through vinyl forums, but it turns out some collectors swear by wood glue for heavy-duty vinyl stain removal.

This process is cumbersome. As you can see from the image, wood glue was hard to apply in an even layer on the vinyl surface. We used about one-fifth of a bottle just for a single side of a record. It also takes longer than any other method tested. For wood glue to be effective, you need to let it dry, then peel it off, then rinse, then dry again. Drying out the wood glue also takes up a good amount of space.

In what was probably the biggest surprise of the entire experiment — the results were fantastic. We deliberately used one of the dirtiest records for the solution and it removed the vast majority of grime in one application. Wood Glue — 2. There are numerous companies that offer vinyl record cleaning solutions that are both easy to use and relatively affordable. We put a few of the most common ones to the test to see if their claims of providing superior cleaning ring true.

They collaborate with record shops, labels, and others in the industry to create limited-edition bottles, which makes them stand out. They are also active in the London record fair scene, hosting around 12 events each year. The solution was easy to apply. The microfiber white cloth included with the bottle allowed us to clean a record without needing any additional materials.

Removed a lot of grime and dirt — even stuff that our homemade concoction did not. The white cloth shows the grime you remove right away, which visually reinforces the work. The solution leaves a nice shine after. Near Mint — 4. GrooveWasher was inspired by a former professor of microbiology named Dr. Bruce Meier. GrooveWasher is an attempt to honor his Discwasher invention. They strive to provide a consumer record cleaning tool and method that cleans the microgroove so the honest sound can be heard without doing harm to the record or the stylus.

Functionally, the GrooveWasher kit is complete. With other solutions, you might need to purchase distilled water or a microfiber cloth to start cleaning. The display kit is aesthetically pleasing and is a nice touch.

Definitely helpful for keeping everything in one place. It distributed pressure well and kept our grimy hands far away from the clean surface. GrooveWasher wiped away stains that looked tough nearly instantly. It would also last pretty long given how little is needed to clean a record.

In short, Discogs knew what they were doing when they decided to partner with GrooveWasher on a branded vinyl record cleaning solution package. It is well organized and looks great next to any setup. You can find an array of their products, including the kit with the stand tested for this article, at Turntable Lab. I initially wanted to test The Library of Congress mixture of deionized water and. I quickly learned that Tergitol S-7 is not available from any local shops and must be ordered online…in amounts that are both expensive and too large for this experiment.

Since this method requires diluting the Tergitol, the amounts I came across were enough to last most collectors a lifetime. Then a coworker mentioned his solution of choice, TergiKleen. Derived from Tergitol, the concentrate can be diluted with distilled water to create a near-match to the LOC solution. With the warnings on the box, we decided to use precaution in handling this solution. They recommend using a cake pan to soak the record.

As a manual solution, it is probably not your best option. You need additional materials bucket or cake pan, distilled water, potentially gloves, etc. However, I can see this being the best solution we tested for vinyl record cleaning machines, such as Spin-Cleen. TergiKleen is undeniably powerful. We Album) one of the dirtiest records with little elbow grease and the record was left in pristine condition. It should last most collectors the full two-year shelf life, just a few drops should make enough solution for hundreds of records.

For collectors who have hundreds, if not thousands, of dirty records to clean and absolute purists, TergiKleen is a great vinyl record cleaning solution. Better for vinyl record cleaning machines than hand washes.

Discogs included affiliate links to earn fees from the products recommended in this article. I use the Knox record cleaning system which is similar to the Spin Clean along with the Tergikleen. My records have never sounded better. All these methods are babaric. If you want to clean micro sized dirt and oil out of micro sized grooves you should use an ultrasonic method.

Here is the best one i have used. Thank you for this post. Until I found this I had no idea TergiKleen existed. I bought a tube and another spin clean. I use one with the solution and one to rinse and the records look and sound much cleaner than with just the spin clean.

Thank you again for posting this. Spin Clean works just fine. My LP collection is for listening. I have tried a few different fluids with varying results. My main cncern is that some of them leave a residue which is collected by my stylus. I do a final rinse with purified Eximinds - Million Stars Ago / Secret Space EP (File, MP3) and then vacuum the water off.

This final step seems to lessen the residue issue. Does anybody use a fliud that does not leave residue without the final vacuum stage. I live in AZ so dry time is super fast. One thing for sure is that any marks that cause ticks are not going to be remedied!

Columbia orange labels in particular. I have wood glued many records as well to the same results of yea or nea. I clean it once a year just hoping! Those are the most time consuming! One thing I think we all agree on is cleaning a record can be a challenging affair! Peace, CR. Wow, the glue job application show here is utterly terrible. Glue is easily the best IMO. Cheaper than stated if you buy it on sale. Also, as mentioned the application is VERY easy.

Apply glue on a spinning record, use your finger to smooth the glue out evenly. Make sure the inner and outer edges of the glue are built up not smeared thin and you are good to go.

The only downside is the wait. Before the treatment, it was pop and crackle city. This is after I hand cleaned it with solution. After the glue it sounds like a whole new record. Seriously, even my wife was shocked. It loses a point for the time it takes to dry. No one mentioned the widely used Stereophile recipe that is alcohol, water, and about 2 drops of Kodak Photo-flo. Ilford Ilfotol is anther wetting agent with different chemical composition but similar effect to Photo-flo.

Pick your poison, literally. I cannot believe that no one Mona Lisa mentioned a good record cleaning machine. I have a Nitty Gritty for sale keeping the second one and if you have a collection worth anything, you should buy it.

Why would you invest all kinds of cash on a vinyl collection but skimp on a cleaning system or a audio system for that matter? Wood glue works wonders and is much easier and cheaper to apply than described. The way to apply it is to pour slowly while the record is spinning on a Beethoven* - Beethovens Greatest Hits (Cassette) and smooth it So Good, So Right - Imagination - Body Talk (Vinyl, LP, Album) with your finger.

This works best on a direct drive turntable. The trick is to apply just the right amount — too thick and it takes forever to dry; too thin and it will crack as you peel it off. Very interesting. I did dabble with numerous solutions both commercial and homemade.

I have a homemade mix that 1 part Isopropyl Alcohol to 8 parts de-ionised water. I use this with a cotton cloth to do a single clean to aid with grading. In the main i use an ultrasonic cleaning machine that takes 5 records at a time. In this machine i use ML of Isopropyl Alcohol to 5 litres of de-ionised water. I also set the solution temperature at between 30 — 33 oC.

Any form of cleaning requires heat, agitation, time and solution. I have found that 5 x 2 minute rotations is ample to produce excellent results. This amount of solution will easily clean LPs or 7 inch vinyls. Happy collecting. Actually, it works out to about 10 cents per record. Best is that it betters every one of the numerous other commercial cleaner and home brew concoction I have tried over the years. To top it off, it is an absolute pleasure to use — no alcohol or caustic chemicals, and it smells great.

Leave it to a lady French chemist to brew up something so all around great. Highly recommended. My, My, how far we have come! Remember when we were happy to be able to throw four or five records on a BSR, or Garrard changer with a flip over sapphire cartridge.

When most of these collectable records were pressed, we were more than happy with a 35 watt Harman Kardon! No, I to have grasp the clean record bit. Having invested in an ultrasonic cleaner. Somebody struck upon my concern, the click! Not from visible scratches or nicks, but I guess embedded.

Perhaps the glue would be best. But the one thing left out is the consumption of time. Washing records in the sink with a smidge of detergent and a splash of IPA is unbeatable for both time and money considerations. Does it get them as clean as a fancy record cleaning machine with all the whizz bang chemicals? Some people commenting on here have only washed a dozen records in their lives. I have regularly washed records a week for the last 10 years. Do the maths. It penetrates the groove without mechanical intervention and dissolves into solution all contaminants.

Solution dries and the resulting film peeled off. Wood glue is, well glue, not a cleaner and also creates static when it comes off triboelectric effect. I purchased the kirmuss record restoration system. It is by far the best cleaning set up out there. I cleaned a copy of the sound track to M Squad an old Lee Marvin tv show.

It takes time, but when it was done it sounds perfect, looks like crap but there is not a pop, scratch or unrecorded noise on it. My experience has taught me that vinyl in the type of condition, even after cleaning, will usually expose damage that would deem it unlistenable.

Maybe I missed the point that if the methods demonstrated here will clean these, it would clean slightly soiled vinyl to like new condition. ALL newly acquired records must be cleaned. The seven songs on the A side are arguably the greatest list of songs that the Fab Four ever put together, short of Abbey Road. The vocals harmonies are stunning, Paul's bass is brought to life, and George's guitar work is perfect, very bright and clear.

I put AHDN on, sat down, and my jaw hit the floor. When it was over, I listened to it again and again. That is how good The Beatles were! A special thank you to the production team of Album) incredible reissue. Yeah, Yeah! No issues! Love the Beatles and love them more on vinyl! The record is quiet, no pops or skips! This is all you can ask from a vinyl record! Thus allowing for the warmth to come through and hear exactly what was layer down on tape in the studio! Parlaphone is an excellent label and they release an excellent product!

Your description says very clean, glossy and very few superficial surface marks! Buyers beware of anything used with NO pictures!! Very disappointed, you pretty much lied about the whole thing. You sold me a bill of goods pal! You already know this album. This review is regarding the gram vinyl mono pressing. I have to say this is the definitive mono edition of HDN.

Dead quiet between tracks the songs are a lot more in your face than the stereo version. Now I finally have a mono version to stand beside my Mobile Fidelity stereo version as, at least for me, the definitive vinyl pressings. Between andthey finally remastered with decent quality all the Beatles cds. Since a good share of the originals were MONO, not stereo at all, this makes for some major improvements over the George Martin masters ack, I actually choke on relating the word masters to those earlier cd editions.

From what I have read, surmised from facts gleaned from reading all the liner notes,ect. Mostly, they hammered out remasters gleaned out of the stereo master tapes themselves. Some of these like the White Album they took up to three years remastering. They obviously hired very, very good engineers this time which took their time using every trick in the book to de-compress, remove noise, expand dynamics, restructure stereo steering and what ever else seemed to work on fixing these tragically poor quality but excellent performance quality recordings of some historic note.

I have back bought the collection to Hard Day's Night. The later cds are better. As you start to stroll though intoyou start to see the dynamics of the original older recordings fade drastically. So far, I'm afraid to back buy anything earlier than Overall, they all sound way better than my originals. Worth the money if you play them frequently and have a great system to be able to hear a large difference. See all reviews from the United States.

Top international reviews. Wow, this album is brilliant! The CD has been on repeat since getting it. According to Google, this album was released in ; would have loved to be a teenager at that time and to know what it was like to hear this music for the first time. It must have been awesome! Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote.

Please try again. There's very little that can be said about the Beatles that hasn't already be said and I guess that anyone buying this album will already know what a brilliant album this is. Other reviewers have offered opinions on the improved sound quality that the re-issues offer and I can't really add to that.

One thing that I particularly like about the new CD format is, however, the packaging of the albums themselves Also there is a certain uniformity to the packaging across the entire back catalogue - every album from Please Please Me through to Let It Be the White Album notwithstanding, for obvious reasons share certain design features, so if you buy the full set they look great on the shelf.

There have been so many reviews about the music, which in my view is 5 star, such I do not have much more to say. This album was so popular and soon after its release every track on this album made its way onto the playlist of the AM pop radio stations.

All the tracks would probably have been Number 1 in the hit parade. Such was the pulling power of Britain's number one pop group - although Rolling Stones Suplicação De Jeová - Limbo Of Souls - Herança Da Maldade (Cassette) might disagree. So enough said. This is another really good pressing it was exceptionally well wrapped. I have now found an easier way to get the cellophane covering off by gripping the seams tightly with my thumb and pushing.

The record cover looks exactly like the '64 original. I inspected the record before playing it and I could see no scratches or imperfections and the spindle hole was centered perfectly. I didn't wash the record but cleaned it with a carbon brush. The sound reproduction was gorgeous. I have not listened to a vinyl version of this album since the 70s.

Most of these older albums would have been ruined by me and my friends from playing the records excessively on Dansettes. By the time we got round to buying half decent equipment in the mid 70s the records were wrecked. Someone borrowed my copy and never returned it. Nowadays, we have got the double benefit of decent turntables and very good moving magnet cartridges. Our amplifiers and speakers have also improved no end. We can play perfectly pressed new Beatles LPs under the best of circumstances.

I have never heard " A Hard day's Night" sounding so good on an LP: there was no wow or flutter and no mains hum or amplifier hum to mar the performance. There was hardly a snap crackle or pop and the tracks remained almost Get Your Rocks Off - Manfred Manns Earth Band - Messin (CD, Album) between the songs at the listening volumes that I use.

The bass reproduction was a bit weak but this is a feature of all the early Beatles LPs, otherwise the music reproduction sounded perfect. If you were to compare the newly remastered LP with a pristine copy of the original I doubt that you would hear a difference and this was the object of the exercise. If you just love The Beatles music on vinyl then there is no need to use up all your savings to find a near mint copy of the pressing. A Hard Day's Night is, I think, the best of the early period Beatles albums and sits smack iN the middle of the five releases that make up this section of their career.

A "Difficult Third Album" this is not- Indeed they didn't really experience a "Difficult" phase until For Sale, later in No, AHDN is Beatlemania the album that is all you would need to play to a kid today who is just finding their way in the world to convince them that The Beatles fully deserve their Number One Quite simply this is the perfect pop album.

There isn't a filler in sight, everything is If I Fell's vocal crack up aside note perfect and superbly crafted. The essential early period Beatles album. Load more international reviews. The Beatles first and best movie encapsulates the whole mood of Beatlemania and it's all thanks to the wonderful songs contained on the soundtrack.

A shamelessly perfect pop record. Top album from the Beatles I have been listening to for 50 years and dont get fed up of hearing. These guys made music to last. The sound quality is amazing Odessa (Daso Remix) - Tgr Lou* - A Partial Print (CD, Album) as good as my stereo remaster CD. The only difference is it sounds more closer with it being Mono LP of course.

The LP is a repro of the original front and back sleeves and even the record label is the same with the yellow Parlophone Logo only difference is the vinyl is much thicker and heavier and of better quality. The first thing you feel in trying to review the Beatles, is a humbling sense of inadequacy, that should command a silent awe and respect.

We should really all just put our pens down and stand back from the wonderful mountain that is their music, for we can never hope to climb it. But here goes. All the masterpieces to come, for all their greatness, never improved upon the simple beauty of A Hard Day's Night.

LP became more sophisticated, clever, more technical, imaginative etc. Everything after was a bonus, but with A Hard Day's Night they'd already reached the summit; the pinnacle of their art. And then they stayed there. One person found this helpful.

This is, for my money, the first truly great Beatles album. It's important to remember that inthe Beatles as a phenomenon weren't much more than a year old. They had been functioning as a band for much longer, and Ringo had been firmly in place sincebut at this stage of the game they were more famous for being famous than for being the greatest band in the history of popular music. It was clear that Beatlemania was something new and unprecedented, but for all that it was still, as the name suggests, a '-mania' - a kind of madness.

Nobody, not even the band themselves, could have known at this point that they were going to go on to produce stuff as classic as 'Yesterday', as inspired as 'Strawberry Fields Forever', as drop-dead awesome as the 'Revolver' and 'Sgt Pepper' albums and as wiggily brilliant and infuriating as the White Album, not to mention the generous nuggets of genius scattered throughout their extraordinarily diverse late output.

Right now, they were just a pop group. No, in The Beatles were not rock gods, because rock gods hadn't been invented yet. The fans loved them and the more hip observers recognised that they were something different, but many journalists preferred to attribute their success to the business wizardry of Brian Epstein who actually wasn't the canniest businessman under the sunor the musical direction of George Martin who would have been the first person to admit that he didn't actually write the songs.

They did so in a coup that literally intimidated their peers: this is the only Beatles album on which Lennon and McCartney wrote all the songs. It was unheard-of for a British band of the period to generate so much of its own output. And the output was pretty impressive. The opening chord of the title track of A Hard Day's Night has been analysed many times, and it still clangs hugely across the decades; no other band of the time could convey this sense of size and power.

A Hard Day's Night is, generally speaking, a pretty raucous album. One reason for this is that Lennon was at the peak of his early power as a songwriter and he bestrides this album like a, well, a colossal Walrus.

Elsewhere, even the potboilers are classic: listen to other British beat groups of the Sixties, and you will soon realise how most of them would have killed to write a melody as catchy as 'I Should Have Known Better'.

Lennon rightly observed years later that it's a song about almost nothing, but who cares when the sheer sound of it makes you feel happy? This is the sound of a band surfing the tsunami of its own fame and exulting in its own unfolding genius. It's also, arguably, the last and greatest document of classic Beatlemania.

By the next album the band sounded tired, and after that they were starting to get bored of being fab. Their greatest work was still ahead of them, but by the time of Revolver they had become a quite different band. And after that As for the remastering, I have no complaints about being able to hear this album in stereo at last. I had a vinyl LP of it years ago which, looking back, was probably in stereo, and while I am a bit of a mono purist when it comes to the Beatles' music because it's the way that they themselves preferred to listen to itI have to admit that the widescreen stereo opens up this album in a very refreshing way for the first time in 23 years.

I will still go back to the mono version whenever I want sheer impact, but it's good to have this version too. Points off EMI for not including the mono remaster as bonus tracks, but then Beatle fans have learned to expect to be ripped off by EMI. And it's still the first great Beatles album, and if you haven't listened to it yet, this is the new definitive version.

So I envy you the pleasure of hearing it for the first time. It's a good third album, coupled with a high-churn work rate that occasionally betrays itself.

Received this immaculate mono vinyl album and it felt like I'd been transported to the 60's and had come home Radiation Belt - Sunil Sharpe - Erratic Podcast 79 (File, MP3) the album after buying it in the high street, immediately after its release! A replica of the original release, even down to the 'emitex' ad on the back cover!

Excellent sound quality with virtually inaudible surface noise. My first mono purchase and expected the sound to be confined to the centre or the two speakers, but it is actually spread between the speakers. Now hearing the album as it was expected to be heard by someone with a quality audio set up, but of course this level of domestic reproduction would not have been available in the 60's! I first saw this album when it came out originally when I was five in my uncles house.

I was captivated by the cover and an aunt took me to all three Beatles films as they came out. I had this and the rest on cd, I'm near sixty now and decided to buy all of Album) records on vinyl, I started with this.

The sound on my Sony seven speaker is awesome, I hear things I never imagined were on there. Made an old man happy. For me this CD is a replacement for the vinyl which I have owned since the 60's. I know the musical content so well that I could probably identify each track by a couple of seconds play. I don't think I can be objective about the music - it is too much part of my own history and that of most of my generation. You'll have to make you own mind up. At the time the music seemed innovative and progressive, but now it sounds very 'pop' but great nostalgia.

I like the stereo CD mix. It is clean. There's not much I can add to the reviews already submitted, however in respect of Ringo not being given a song, he actually sang lead vocals on 'Matchbox' which was actually recorded during the sessions for a Hard Day's Night. Also of interest, the two sides of a single, i. This is a great cd that brings back many memories of the 60's. I wish it were longer, Album). Good for singing along in the car. You've read the top international reviews.

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View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Friends on Discogs. Label: Caroline Records - C • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Stereo • Country: UK • /5(13). View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Friends on Discogs. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Repeat Offender on Discogs. Label: EMI USA - E • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • .

The album to me is a classic which won't date, even though it was recorded in the late 70's. Timeless rock which would be a sound investment if this is your first ACDC album. If I had listened to this album all those years ago, I would have the whole back catalogue firmly in my collection by now/5().

Vinyl record cleaning solutions help to combat these, and other, vinyl record ailments. We’ve given some guidelines on an efficient process to clean vinyl records in an earlier post, but we stopped short of prescribing a specific cleaning solution. charlottefield. Brighton, UK. - the ended year (four track demos ) thomas house.

Charlottefield, Category: Artist, Albums: Charlottefield, What Are Friends For, How Long Are You Staying, Singles: Stand Up, Top Tracks: Nine Tails, Beatings, Again.

May 17,  · Last Updated: May 17, The word "rare" must trigger the release of chemicals in the collector's brain which suspend rational thought. It's only a record, for heaven's sake, quibloomtujingphiwi.pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.infoinfo.I must have it!! Possession of truly rare records comes at a price, in the case of jazz, somewhere between $3, and $8, What you have. Feb 20,  · Kids React # - KIDS REACT TO RECORD PLAYERS/VINYL. Caption author (Spanish) luis cuaran; Caption author (French) Vianney B. Show more Show less.

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  • The album was released on a inch vinyl LP album, with six songs shown on each side of the record. The album itself was recorded at the RCA studios in Nashville, Tennessee in late and early In addition, the album was reviewed by Allmusic, which gave it three out of five stars. No official review was provided. Release and aftermath.
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  • May 17,  · Last Updated: May 17, The word "rare" must trigger the release of chemicals in the collector's brain which suspend rational thought. It's only a record, for heaven's sake, quibloomtujingphiwi.pacrothocounttanwolfdastnetanryazarpay.infoinfo.I must have it!! Possession of truly rare records comes at a price, in the case of jazz, somewhere between $3, and $8, What you have.
  • The Label - Labels can be a very effective means of dating a record. No label has stayed the same (that I know of), and many have evolved quite drastically. Especially for the late s, some records are very easily - albeit roughly - identified and dated by their label. .
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  • View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Repeat Offender on Discogs. Label: EMI USA - E • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • .

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